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Cabling infrastructure is at the core of every voice, data and multimedia network as it is the key to data center availability and manageability.

At Teki-Tek we design, build and maintain an enterprise converged and secure network – which translates into “one Network for Voice, Video, Data, and Wireless.”

wireless solutions include wireless infrastructure in wireless security, performance, deployment, management, and optimization issues.  With a wireless network you enjoy freedom and flexibility, giving your enterprise a competitive edge. It combines the best elements of wireless and wired networking to deliver secure,

Active & Passive Components

Leading manufacturers of data center technologies such as Cisco, HP and Juniper provide the flexibility and framework to deliver increased business value to customers.

Being a certified partner of these leading companies, Teki-Tek has an edge for an architectural flexibility and openness in delivering increased business value, through technology innovation, systems excellence and solution differentiation. These unique partnerships allow Teki-Tek to provide the best services to its valued customers in meeting the need for growing converged technology solutions.

CISCO IP Phone System

Data & Voice Communication , IP Telephone System